MS Curriculum Guide

Hampshire Unit School

A school of Applied Science & Natural Resources

Middle School

Curriculum Guide

2018 – 19





Hampshire Unit School


A School of Applied Science and Natural Resources


School Hours: 7:45am – 2:45pm


931-285-2612 (fax)


Facebook: Hampshire Unit SchoolHampshire Counselor    Twitter: @HampshireUnit


Principal, Ms. Sonya Cathey

Assistant Principal,Mr. Donald Dugger

School Counselor, Ms. Christy Wilson


Mission Statement

The mission of Hampshire Unit School is to integrate applied sciences, technology, hands-on experiences, & real-world problem solving to increase motivation, relevance, & achievement for our students, as well as prepare students for life-long success.

Vision Statement

The vision of Hampshire Unit School is to EMPOWER ALL students to succeed in a changing world.



Hampshire Unit School is committed to the following: 

  • Holding high expectations for student achievement
  • Facilitating the development of curricular & extra-curricular programs that improve student academics using agricultural & environmental school experiences
  • Fostering a collaborative culture focused on continuous improvement for everyone
  • Communicating with & utilizing resources of the community
  • Providing a supportive school atmosphere where everyone feels emotionally, physically, & intellectually safe
  • Developing student’s leadership, communication, & competitive skills through hands-on learning in agriculture & environment sciences, forestry, & natural resources

    Ready Graduate

    Tennessee Department of Education has set graduation requirements that best prepare students for opportunities to be successful in their post K – 12 experiences whether they choose college, career institutes, or immediate transition to the work force. Students who meet one of the following criteria demonstrate they are a “Ready Graduate”:

    • Scoring 21 or higher on the ACT or
    • Completing 4 EPSOs or
    • Completing 2 EPSOs + earning industry certification or
    • Completing 2 EPSOs + ASVAB designated score

An EPSO is an early post-secondary opportunity– a course and/or exam that gives students a chance to obtain postsecondary credit while still in high school. At HUS, there are three types of EPSO classes: Statewide Dual Credit, Local Dual Credit, and Dual Enrollment. In addition to meeting State graduation requirements, our goal is for students to be “Ready Graduates”who have skills and confidence required for success after high school.


Fifth – Eighth Curriculum






Reading/ Language Arts











Algebra I(HS Credit)






Social Studies

5thSocial Studies

6thSocial Studies

7thSocial Studies

8thSocial Studies

Specials Classes

Per 9 weeks:

Library; PE; Art; Music

Per 9 weeks:

Library; PE; Art; Music

Per Semester:

Intro to Health Science; PLTW Automation & Robotics; PE

PE &

Agriscience(HS Credit)


Computer Applications(HS Credit)

Classes Offered during RTI




Spanish I(HS Credit)


Principles of Manufacturing(HS Credit)


Clubs/Organizations Available to Middle School Students at HUS 

Health Science                    HOSA     Health Occupations Students of America

Community Service           Builders Club 

Academic Honor                National Junior Beta Club

Student Ministry                FCA(Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Music                                   Guitar Club

Novel Reading                   Read It Club

Principal Advisory            Middle School Advisory Group


Sports Offered to Middle School Students at HUS

6th– 8thVolleyball

6th– 8thBasketball

6th– 8thTrap Shooting

6th– 8thCross Country

6th– 8thCheerleading

Bass Fishing (8thgrade only)

Golf (only 8thgrade)

6th– 8thTrack

6th– 8thBaseball


Sports Offered through co-op to HUS students

6th– 8thFootball (MPHS)

6th– 8thSoftball (MPHS)








Please print all information clearly.


Student___________________________   ___________________________  

                          First Name                                                             Last Name         


Student cell_______________________________        Student email ________________________

Last school attended________________________        Focus Area __________________________


Instructions:Student will bubble classes to tally 7 classes for the year based on grade level, graduation requirements, and course sequencing. In addition to the 7 classes, 2 alternate selections must be listed in case the classes you chose are not available. 



  • ¡8thgrade Reading Language Arts
  • ¡8thgrade Science
  • ¡Social Studies

MATH (choose 1 class)

  • ¡8thGrade Math
  • ¡Algebra I (1 High School Credit)

RTI CLASS TIME (choose 1 class) 

  • ¡Intervention
  • ¡Enrichment/Remediation
  • ¡Principles of Manufacturing (1 High School Credit)
  • ¡Spanish I (1 High School Credit)            


    SPECIALS CLASS (choose 1 class)

  • ¡Computer Applications (1 High School Credit)
  • ¡Agriscience(1 High School Credit)




Parent_____________________________        Parent signature____________________________

Parent cell__________________________       Parent email_______________________________



An important note to parents: Please choose classes carefully. After completion of schedules, corrections or adjustments will only be made as necessary and as the schedule allows.

Agriscience – 1 Credit

Grade Level: 8, 9

This course is an introductory lab science course & prepares students for biology, chemistry, ecology, & agriculture courses. It will help students understand the important role that agricultural science & technology serve in the 21stcentury. This course counts as a lab science credit toward graduation.


Spanish I – 1 Credit

Grade Level: 8, 9, 10

This course is the study of Spanish vocabulary, grammar & language structure. Spanish culture will be introduced.


Algebra I – 1 Credits

Grade Level: 8, 9

(State Tested)

Algebra I is a basic course emphasizing the usefulness of algebra in problem solving. The topics covered include algebraic expressions, signed numbers, equations, inequalities, graphing, linear systems, ration & proportions, products, factoring, radicals & roots.


Computer Applications – 1 Credit

Grade Level: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

This course explores social, business, & ethical issues of using computer technology while producing documents, spreadsheets, databases, & presentations. In addition, students will engage in key critical thinking skills & will practice ethical & appropriate behavior required for responsible use of technology.


Principles of Manufacturing

Grade Level: 8, 9

This course is designed to provide students with exposure to various occupations such as Machining Technology, Electromechanical Technology, Mechatronics, and Welding. Throughout the course, they will develop an understanding of the general steps involved in the manufacturing process and master the essential skills to be an effective team member in a manufacturing production setting.