Focus Area Electives

Hampshire Unit School Elective Focus Areas and Recommended Sequence




Horticulture Science

When you watch a football or baseball game, do the fields catch your eye? When you drive through new construction, do you visualize how landscaping would improve the site? You can be prepared for a career in greenhouse management, landscape design, horticulture production, or turf management.


10thPrinciples of Plant Science & Hydroculture

11thSWDCGreenhouse Management (Intro to Plant Science)

12thLandscaping & Turf Science


12thWBL Practicum


Veterinary & Animal Science

Do you truly believe dog is man’s best friend? You can build the foundation skills required for a veterinarian, vet tech, vet assistant, or animal producer as well as a variety of scientific, health, & agriculture professions.



9thSmall Animal Science

10thPrinciples of Ag Mechanics

11thLarge Animal Science

12thVeterinary Science


12thWBL Practicum

Health Science

Sport & Human Performance

Ever dreamed of becoming a locker room miracle worker? Do you have a passion to help patients with debilitating disorders? You could be a leader in rehabilitation & fitness.

9thHealth Science Education

10th/11thRehabilitation Careers

10th/11thAnatomy & Physiology

12thDiagnostic Medicine




Therapeutic Services

Do you have a desire to have a career in Therapeutic Services…chiropractor, dental assistant, dermatologist, occupational therapist, physical therapists, surgical assistant and many more?

9thHealth Science


10thAnatomy & Physiology

11th/12thMedical Therapeutics



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Residential & Commercial Construction

Can we build it? YES, WE CAN! It’s not “Bob the Builder,” but this coursework provides students the skill and knowledge base required for entry level jobs in construction.

9thFundamentals of Construction


10thResidential & Commercial Construction I

11thDEMachining Technology


12thResidential & Commercial Construction II