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Welcome to Hampshire Unit School of Applied Science and Natural Resources, home of the Hawks and Maury County’s exclusive K-12 agricultural based school. By investigating, exploring,  collaborating to solve real world challenges, our students will be prepared for the many career opportunites available in the growing field of science, agriculture, and natural resources. 

Our school offers a one of a kind experience for students to develop as researchers in a variety of STEM fields including veterinary and animal sciences, plant sciences & aquaponics,  agricultural mechanics, ecology, environmental sciences, chemistry, biology & health sciences. These experiences make HUS SASR a premier K – 12 school for the sciences.
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Mission and Vision Statement

Hampshire Unit School

A School of Applied Science & Natural Resources



To integrate applied sciences, technology, hands-on experiences, & real world problem solving to prepare students for life-long success (ISTEP).


To EMPOWER ALL STUDENTS to succeed in a changing world.


We are committed to:

  • Holding high expectations for student achievement
  • Developing programs that improve student academics using agricultural & environmental school experiences
  • Providing a collaborative culture focused on continuous improvement
  • Utilizing community resources
  • Providing challenging curriculum
  • Providing a safe & supportive atmosphere
  • Developing leadership skills through hands-on learning in agriculture & environmental sciences

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